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What do you smell?

Amortentia RPG - A Marauder Era RPG
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This RPG is over. Move along, move along.


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"amor" L. love + "tempto" L. to try to influence or tamper with

Those innocent days. The year is 1976 and four boys have just entered their fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Their names? James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. The Dark Lord is only beginning to select his followers, some who may be within Hogwarts. The Dark Lord is only starting to have his effect on the students of Hogwarts, they're busy with pranking, homework, and, love. Yes, love is in the air at Hogwarts. For it seems the students, not wanting to worry about the Dark Lord their parents talk about, are now resorting to the comfort of each other. Sirius, James, and Peter are now about to finish what they started two years ago, they are about to become animagi.


1. We are your mods, seekingseverus and fabthefabulous. We play your Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Cholé Rosmerta, Gideon Prewett and Fabian Prewett. If you have any questions, email us at the community's address, mod.amortentia@gmail.com.

2. Play nice! We don't want any real life fights getting into the rp. If you have a problem, try to settle it or come ask us and we'll see what we can do.

3. Your personal journals should be written in first person (like you write in your own journal) and are for your characters and can be read and commented on by all other characters unless you write something like: [Private, Marauders only] that way, only certain people can see what you have written.

4. The main community, amortentia_rpg is for third person posting and owls. When posting, please put When (this includes day, date, and time)Where (this is just where the post is taking place), and Who ( this is simply who is allowed to be in the post, or who it's for. Slytherins can't very well be there if it takes place in the Gryffindor Common Room. You can put names, groups [marauders, slytherins etc.], or anyone.) OR if it's an owl, put up an lj-cut and the text should be "Owl to Sirius" or whomever you're actually sending it to.

5. This community may be called Amortentia, but it's not all about love. Try out some other things as well! Please keep it canon (James likes Lily). We'll allow slash, but we don't want everyone to be bi or gay. But, otherwise, get into any relationship you want!

6. Seeing as this is a Marauder Era rpg and we don't know many of the character's personalities, OC's are not allowed unless you give me a really good character. Almost anyone you pick is essentially an OC. Do we really know all that much about Emmeline Vance? Yeah, you get what we mean.

7. The plot for now will start as a day in the life of sort of thing, until we get more players. Then we will post a plot thread in our OOC community, amortentia_ooc, where we can discuss newer and bigger plots. We want to have your input on this. Have Plot ideas? Post 'em here!

8. You are allowed to play three characters. Just say who you already are in the application!

9. The RPG is not played in real time because we lost too much of that. Instead, the community will be played two months in the past. Days stay the same but months are different (real!May is rpg!March, June is April, etc.) We will start on May 1st. Don't change your actually posting dates, but remember to include the date field on your posts in the RPG community. With all the time lag being so confusing, try to finish your posts in a timely fashion. The essence of the rule is simple: basically, don't do what fabthefabulous and lonely_black do. They are terrible, terrible examples.

Contact the Mods
Email: mod.amortentia@gmail.com
seekingseverus AIM: fenrirthegrey Yahoo: sarcasmismyforte_2003 | fabthefabulous AIM: finkerthepenguin


No, we're not a pair of those anal mods (well, fabthefabulous is but she suppresses it) who will reject you the minute you spell something wrong. We're more interested in how nicely you develop your character. If you don't know what house or year your character is, you may make one up. Marauders, Lily and Snape are 5th Years. Send all applications to mod.amortentia@gmail.com with the subject Amortentia Application.

Here we go:

About You
Your Name:
Your Age (at least thirteen):
Your AIM/Yahoo/MSN/Jabber/whatever:
Your LJ:

About Your Character
Your Character:
Your Character's LJ (or ideas for one):
Your Character's Age and Year:
Sexual Preference:

First Person:

Third Person:


Italics indicates dire need.

James Potter:
Sirius Black: siriuscomeblack
Remus Lupin: witty LJ name will be here soon
Peter Pettigrew:

Lily Evans: _emeraldeyes 5th Year Gryffindor (AIM: kissbelowtheneck)
Dorcas Meadowes: ___dorcas 6th Year Gryffindor (AIM: la skull bombe)
Emmeline Vance:
Severus Snape: seekingseverus 5th Year Slytherin (AIM: fenrirthegrey Yahoo: sarcasmismyforte_2003)
Bellatrix Black: forever_pure 4th Year Slytherin (AIM: marykedith Yahoo: marla2537)
Narcissa Black:
Regulus Black:
Andromeda Black:
Hestia Jones:
Kingsley Shaklebolt:
Rita Skeeter:
Lucius Malfoy:
Rodolphus Lestrange:
Rabastan Lestrange:
Antonin Dolohov:
Dedalus Diggle:
Elphias Doge:
Mudungus Fletcher:
Edgar Bones:
Benjy Fenwick:
Frank Longbottom:
Alice Killian:
Marlene McKinnon: mlle_mckinnon35 5th Year Gryffindor
Caradoc Dearborn:
Fabian Prewett: fabthefabulous 6th Year Ravenclaw (AIM: finkerthepenguin)
Gideon Prewett: gideonthegreat 6th Year Hufflepuff (AIM fenrirthegrey Yahoo: sarcasmismyforte_2003)
Ted Tonks:
Alecto Carrows:
Amycus Carrows:
Bertha Jorkins:
Chloe Rosmerta: ravenrosy 7th Year Ravenclaw (AIM: fenrirthegrey Yahoo: sarcasmismyforte_2003)

Albus Dumbledore: pensivepensieve
Minerva Mcgonagall:
Horace Slughorn:

You may apply for any other characters you can think of and we may add them to the list. Professors wanted.

This is the RPG community. To get to the OOC community, click here.