Severus Snape (seekingseverus) wrote in amortentia_rpg,
Severus Snape

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sevvie feels left out...

Who: Sev and whomever
Where:Outside. his tree. where else?
When: After supper
Why: For he is...bored? And lonely..(and I've been rosy and giddy too much lately, he is crying)

Severus moved down the hill to his tree, feeling happy. He had a date. He had a costume. He was much further ahead then he thought he would be at this point in the year. He hadn't been hexed too much, and he hadn't made any mortal enemies, his school year was going well.

He found himself still smiling about his trip to Hogsmeade and spending it with Emmeline as he sat down, wondering what the girl was during this very minute..perhaps he should owl her, see how she was? Hm..He thought on this then looked up as he heard someone approaching...
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