Fabian (fabthefabulous) wrote in amortentia_rpg,

Owl to Andromeda

Scratch him behind the ears. He likes that. If he tries to bite you, start singing or feed him a bit of tart. Don't let him drink pumpkin juice, though: he's got enough energy as is.

Homework and illness have simply overwhelmed me for the past week. Or is it two? Good lord, too many, certainly. I'm so sorry I haven't been very good about keeping in touch; sometimes, my classes consume me. Also, I must make very good excuses so you will remember how much you like me and let me borrow you copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray. In the mean time, I have occupied myself with old children's books, which I love till death do us part.

So how does Saturday at six-thirty for dinner sound? We can meet in front of Baranabas.

Secretly gardening,

((OOC: Do you remember this plot line? I think I might. Maybe. Once upon a time. Good lord, it's Friday night. Well, pretend he sent this to you on Wednesday or, should you get this Sunday, that he meant next Saturday.))
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