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Owl to Gideon

Scrawled on an envelope in elegant, overly girly, overly loopy, overly formal script: To my dearest, darlingest brother very much with love.

I am sorry that I was cross. I feel really horrid and seem to have made myself ill. It's that time of year though so it may simply be coincidental. Do not worry; I have yet to reach the 'hacking up my lungs' stage. When I do, I assure you that you will be informed quite promptly by our school nurse and will have to stand beside me in an all-night vigil to pray for my soul as everyone positively goes into a panic because I will be on my deathbed for, oh, let's say the third (fourth?) time. Of course, this time it is neither your nor Molly's fault so you are unlikely to care because you won't get to feel guilty or make others feel guilty. Bad show, old boy.

Anyway, how are you? How is Lily? How are your 'Puff mates?

Coughing and sneezingly yours,

Attached is a package containing various records belonging to Gideon Prewett, Esquire.
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I'll wear a nun outfit, old chap, if I am to keep vigil. Sister Giddy-anne. And of course I'll be there. Bad show on you, lovely brother dear, accusing me in what seems to be a peace owl of being a bad fellow! But, I shall forgive you, for I love my records and you have brought them back to me, so all is forgiven now.

Do feel better, hm? Us Prewitts must stick together!

I'm fine, not sick, not sad, not anything, really, 'cept my usual bouncy self! Lily is lovely, as usual, and my 'Puff mates are Puffy, it seems. We are all hanging in!

Anyway, do get better! Eat soup! I hear it helps!

Yours in twindom,
Giddy-doodle ( a name I just came up with. I rather fancy it.)

Ps. Dear, I am sending long a blanket and hot coco, do use them! I don't want a corpse for a brother, hm?

Attached is a warm blanket and a packet of Miss Motts Magical Hot Coco Mix, Just add water and it's magic!
At least I will die laughing. Bad show me? You told Molly it was her fault that I tried to walk on that frozen pond and fell in. She was just taking us for a walk and you made her feel horrid.

You were always a very healthy person. It has always made my old sick feeble self rather jealous. Tell Lily I say hello.

Soup helps. I hope I get to keep my voice this time. Otherwise, I'll cart you around to interpret my hand gestures.

Missing part of a lung but eating lovely soup,

Postscript: The blanket is lovely and warm and I await the return of one of my dorm mates so I can play invalid and guilt-trip them into making cocoa for me. Nobody ever said that I didn't love watching Molly sob over my dying self. You are the best twin I could hope to have.
I was just kidding, she knew.

Lily will get your hello. And my healthy self is rather sorry that your sick self is so sickly. We talked a bit, my self and I, and we decided that you and your sick self need to see us in person soon. Be excited for that, dear brother.

I love interpreting your hand gestures! They always seem so naughty, though. Or angry..well, to me they are...Ha!

Writing with an owl on standby,

Ps Good. Guilt those smart Claws. And you, darling Fabian, are the best twin I could hope to have.
She didn't know! I knew, though.

My sickly self thinks that you and your healthy self should see me in person somewhere inside because the out of doors is bad, bad, bad. Bad!

Unfortunately, the ones aimed at you usually are naughty or angry.

Writing with your owl pecking at me,

Postscript: I try my best.
Oh. Well. Suppose I should apologize for that, then?

Oh so bad! We agree. Where then? Indoors is quite vague.

Hoorah! then I am a boy marvel at reading them!

Loving my owlr-boy, Bosie,

Ps. Good.
No, then she might guess the next time you are forced to provide your dying brother with amusement.

Your choice as long as it is indoors.

I bet you can guess what gesture I am making right now at your obvious conceit for it is angry and vulgar and hypocritical and, in the mischievous or illegal (if it's you and me, very illegal) sense, naughty.

Trying not to sneeze on Bosie,
Oh, fine then. Leave the poor girl, that I myself made have the adjective 'poor' be in front of, suffer.

Alright. How about...Want to come to the Huff common room? Or shall I come to yours?

Hm. I can guess what you are doing, yes.

Sending tissues along,

It's been nearly eight years. I should hope she'd got over it by now.

Do you think your Hufflepuffs or my Ravenclaws are going to let someone from a different house into their common room?

Clever Gideon!

Using your tissues gratefully,
Here's hoping.

Have you know either a huff or a claw to refuse a member of the other house? 'Sides, isn't Rosy in your house? She loves me. So there. And, Ella is in mine, and she loves us both! So, either way. Well, we could always use the library. But, talk quietly.


Glad to be of service (for once),
I'll go to yours; 'Puffs are more easily deceived nicer and have better dispositions.

Informing his brother that he is always of service,

Loving his brother dearest,
When am I welcome?

Also loving his brother dearest,
Come 'round, ten minutes?

See you then!

(ooc:I am actually bleaching my hair tonight, but I will be around later, and post starter?)
Ten minutes. I will be there.

Seeing you soon,

((OOC: I am trying to imagine a situation in which it would not be awkward for a Ravenclaw to start a Hufflepuff common room thread. Will you do the honors?))