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sevvie feels left out...

Who: Sev and whomever
Where:Outside. his tree. where else?
When: After supper
Why: For he is...bored? And lonely..(and I've been rosy and giddy too much lately, he is crying)

Severus moved down the hill to his tree, feeling happy. He had a date. He had a costume. He was much further ahead then he thought he would be at this point in the year. He hadn't been hexed too much, and he hadn't made any mortal enemies, his school year was going well.

He found himself still smiling about his trip to Hogsmeade and spending it with Emmeline as he sat down, wondering what the girl was during this very minute..perhaps he should owl her, see how she was? Hm..He thought on this then looked up as he heard someone approaching...
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'Well, well, well," Regulus grinned, coming up behind him. "Here's a romantic one."
Severus grinned back, nodding slightly, "Regulus. And how are you?"
"Not as well off as you seem to be," he rolled his eyes, sitting next to him. "How is that going, by the way?"
"Lovely," Severus said, smirking, "I have a purple robe for the ball. She, a purple dress. It's going to a fine evenig, I'm sure. Though," He said, frowning a bit, "I fear what 'revenge' potter and his groupies plan.."
"Revenge?" asked Regulus mildly, "For Emmeline?"
"For everything, Regulus..they have been rather quiet, and I think they are planning.."
He grimaced, "You're right, they have been quiet, though I'm assuming that's due to the lack of Remus," he smirked. He had been watching Remus and Antonin.
"True," Severus said, nodding slowly, "Does Antonin know it will wear off and when?" He asked, looking slightly concerned. He wouldn't want this to turn out horrendously. For him.
Regulus shrugged, "It doesn't look like it, does it?" he admitted to himself that he was a bit worried. Anything that could be blamed on any Slytherins, would be blamed on all Slytherins. "I'm sure he does, though, I mean...he wouldn't be that careless would he?"
"Merlin knows," Severus sighed, shaking his head, "It bores me, this silly plots...If they were something more..something bigger..." He trailed off, looking out over the lake. All these pranks meant nothing to him.
"Something bigger?" he asked quietly. "I think I know what you mean, but I don't at the same time. What could happen that's big in this school?"
"Nothing," Severus said, his face darkening, "That's the problem..."
Regulus frowned in thought, "Well, there's always what's going on outside of Hogwarts," he said darkly. "You know what I mean."
"Of course," Severus muttered in answer, "How could I not? I have been prepared for those murmurings since I started at Hogwarts...I'm sure you have heard of my reputation, Regulus..Knowing more dark arts coming in this school then 7th years..things such as that.." He said, glancing at the other boy.
The boy nodded, he had heard some things about Severus before he came here, before his brother told him anything. What was bothering him now though, was the fact that his parents never told him anything. "Can you tell me..something -anything- about it?" he asked hopefully. He knew some things, but never any details.
"Regulus," Severus began, sighing, "I don't think it is something I should be telling you. But..I have heard," Severus said, looking back over the lake, "That something big is coming...A upheival of epic proportions...Lucius Malfoy has been speaking of it in hushed tones, and many pureblood families are behind it."
"Naturally," he nodded, "Purebloods, upheival, sounds right to me." Truth is, he thought bitterly, Is it right? Are mum and dad right, or is Sirius? He sighed.
"Mm," Severus nodded, running a hand through his hair, "I just...rather go through school, then get involved, however...and now that Emmeline and I...I rather not ruin anything."