Lily Evans (red_haired_lily) wrote in amortentia_rpg,
Lily Evans


Where: Astronomy tower
Who: Lily and Gideon
When: Night

Lily was up in the astronomy tower, looking across the grounds as the stars twinkled in the sky. She had placed the shoes she brought beside her as she leaned over the wall. Everything was so beautiful at night, and everything was going perfectly.
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Gideon bounded up the stairs to the tower, not wanting to make Lily wait too long. He popped through the door and grinned, "Lily! Weren't waiting long, were you? Had to snatch a feather from Bosie! He was not happy!" He laughed, moving over to her.
Lily turned to look at Gideon. "Oh, no. I was just admiring the view," she said, gesturing out over the grounds. "It's really beautiful at night. I hope he didn't mind too much! I brought some shoes." She pointed down beside her feet.
"Good good," Gideon smiled and moved up beside her and eyeing the shoes, "Right, lovely shoes! Let's make these things costume material!" He laughed, plunking down on the floor and pulling out his wand.
"You work on the shoes, I'll work on the feather," she said, taking the feather Gideon handed to her. She said the correct spell, and it immediately transformed into a sword. "Wow..."
Gideon swore as he only managed to get a shoe to kick him rather then change into a boot. A couple of swishes later, however, he had a spiffy pair of gentlemen's boots. "Smashing!" He said, glacning over to see Lily's sword, "Wow, look at that! You are quite the swordsmith, Lily!" He grinned.
She laughed. "Yes, now only if I had been around in the middle ages! Stunning boots, Gideon." She took them as he handed them to her. "Now, I really must go get ready. Can't be late for the ball!" Lily started to head down the stairs, but stopped, came back, and kissed him on the cheek. Then, she hurried away.
Gideon laughed at Lily's comment and went to call her back, then she kissed him on the cheek. A silly grin crossed his face and he called out a "See you at the ball then!" as she disappeared down the stairs. He continued grinning as he moved down the stairs a bit slower, not that excited to get into makeup and a dress, but rather excited, at the same time, to see Lily again. It's going to be a fun evening!