Cholé Rosmerta (ravenrosy) wrote in amortentia_rpg,
Cholé Rosmerta

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Who: Rosy and anyone
Where: Outdoors, courtyard
When: After classes
Why: Rosy doll is bored.

Rosy smiled and headed for the court yard, swinging her scarf around her neck. It was a bit chilly, but she could use the fresh air. She had her bag in hand, with paper, and she was considering drawing. She couldn't really draw worth a lick, but she loved to doodle little cartoons of people she saw. A certain little second year boy had caught her eye, with a mess of hair and freckles, and she sat down on a bench quickly, pulling out her pad and pencil.

"Excellent," She muttered, sticking her tongue out with concentration and starting to draw the boy, who had noticed her looking and was now blushing, "Another thing to add to the picture.."
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